Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us and we take it’s safeguarding seriously. This policy applies to the website, email, phone and messaging services and any paper or physical records we hold.

The person in control of data is myself, Julian Gonnermann, and if you have any questions about how your data is held or used or if you wish to know what we hold or want it deleted then please contact me directly – [email protected]

Your data is only collected when you provide that information and it is needed for a specific purpose, it is treated confidentially and is never shared unless, for example, we are arranging deliveries with a third party and they require your name, address and contact information or you have asked me to pass your details on to someone such as a restorer.

Your information is usually (but not exclusively) required for the following:

– Purchase and delivery of goods

– To arrange for samples to be sent to you.

– In the case of goods being taken on approval and we need to know where they are and how to contact you.

– If you have asked us to source something or let you know when something is in stock and to contact you.

– If you have something to sell and have provided details to arrange to view the items or provided contact details or photographs.

We do not currently have a newsletter nor do we send out information on stock that is unsolicited or where you haven’t previously indicated that you have an interest and would like us to.

If you contact us by email then any emails that are kept are located (at the the time of writing) within the mail client on laptop and phone. Email addresses will be stored in the Contacts app. The devices are password protected and only I have access.

Sometimes the details you have provided such as name and address, phone and email are kept on file cards. These are safely stored off the business premises, unless they are in use or needed.

Certain information may also be recorded in a work diary but again only if you have provided the information and it is needed to fulfil your request.

Copies of invoices are kept for seven years. More recent ones are stored on a password protected laptop and then transferred later to a safely stored external hard drive.

Any personal information or correspondence of yours that we hold is kept for a period of time which depends on the reason for its collection. For example, customers often remain customers for many years and it is useful to us both if i keep your details stored safely.  On the other hand if you are a private seller and I have bought something from you I do not need or keep your information for long after our business has concluded and do not generally keep it for more than 12 months. When records are destroyed and disposed of it is done securely.

We periodically review the data we hold, and delete anything we don’t need. 

If we use something you have written (such as a review or testimonial) on the web-site or in any other marketing we will always ask your permission. If we use images of pieces you have bought from us that are taken in your own home we will also ask permission. If you would like us to stop using something in this way please contact us and we will do so as quickly as possible.

If you think we may hold any of your data and would like it permanently deleted and/or destroyed or have any questions about its use please contact me directly – [email protected]

Thank you, Julian Gonnermann.